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Going to California with an Aching in My Heart [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Going to California with an Aching in My Heart

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Going to California With an Aching in My Heart [Oct. 14th, 2007|02:00 am]
Going to California with an Aching in My Heart
[Current Location |Eerie, IN]
[mood |excitedAwesome!]
[music |Led Zeppelin - Going to California]

Treasure Hunt Booty for... *drumroll please* ...Team Awesome

1. A series of limericks written by the Impala

There once was a boy named Dean
He was awfully cute, but unclean
He liked to do his brother
And liked to do no other
The Impala thought he was obscene.

There once was a boy named Sam
He liked to say words like madame
Dean found him a wuss
A straight-up puss
But the Impala thought he was glam.

2. The recipe(s) for Sam’s and Dean’s favorite mixed drink(s)
Thanks to the Sex and the City girls, our Sam drink is a timeless classic.

The Cosmopolitan

We knew what Dean's favourite drink was, but we were shocked when we found out it competed with Sam for girliness:

The Purple Nurple

2 parts Malibu Coconut rum
2 parts Triple Sec
1 part Blue Curacao
4 parts Cranberry Juice

Put the whole thing in, shake it all about, strain and serve! Team Awesome also suggests the addition of raspberry liqueur, for that extra-special taste and colour.

And an honorary Winchester cocktail, for the only winchester who drinks like a man: John.

The Four Horsemen

1 part Jim Beam
1 part Jack Daniels
1 part Jose Cuervo
1 part Johnnie Walker

Throw into a highball glass and slam back. Team Awesome is not responsible for anything that happens to you because you're drinking this, including vomiting, property destruction, or the urge to go out and avenge your dead wife.

3. An MP3 of Jensen singing
JA and Jason Mann - Crazy Love

4. An MP3 (or an LJ voicepost) of someone from your team singing the same song
The vocal stylings of thegirlisfrail (with accompaniment, for moral support):

5. List three storylines that Sera Gamble pitched to Kripke that he rejected

1. The case of the haunted Titanic painting, where Sam and Dean's epic love is compared with that of a young couple, 'Jack and Rose', and which includes a certain singing diva possessed by a demon... (Oh, c'mon Eric, it'd be HILARIOUS! and you know Celine Dion's music has gotta have some Satanic influence in it)

2. Sam and Dean investigate a succubus case in a strip club, and Sam falls for a young dancer... (*cough* Not autobiographical at all *cough*, I swear!)

3. Sam and Dean find a case at a nudist resort and have to go undercover. (What? I'm sure we could work up to it by showing more skin in each episode leading up to it, so that by the time we got to this one, the censors would be desensitised.)

6. A comic from the_dean_show that features an OFC.
linkie - what a witch! (See what we did there? Witch? Geddit? ... sigh.)

7. What are Christian Kane and Steve Carlson’s middle names?

Christian Michael Kane
Steve Paul Carlson

8. An example of one of Agent Hendrickson’s travel expense reports

9. A screencap that could be from a future (*crosses fingers*) bodyswap episode

Dean-in-Sam's-body partying

Sam-in-Dean's-body researching! Look how bored Sam Dean looks! They may actually have swapped bodies just for this cap.

10. Proof that Sam would make a good unicorn

We decided the best way to show what a great unicorn Sam would be is pretty much just to show you the Samicorn, courtesy of google images and amchara's mad PSP skills.

He even has unicorn hair! It's totally perfect. And his big limpid eyes... he's practically shooting rainbows out of his ass already!

11. The strangest body part of Jensen’s listed as an “interest” in at least three people’s LJ profiles (preexisting, don’t go bribing friends to add wacky stuff!)

We thought the most awesome thing about our finds for this was that seven times as many people are interested in Jensen's freckles as are interested in Jensen's ass - I mean, that's a damn fine ass. Jensen fangirls are discerning fangirls! An honourable mention should definitely go to the individual interested in Jensen's finfernails - yes, finfernails.

12. Bobby Singer’s To Do List

13. What college did Jeffery Dean Morgan attend?

We're so good we managed to find a copy of his certificate. And boy, were we unsurprised!

14. Evidence that Grover is actually the long lost third Winchester brother
The Secret Life of Grover: Click for proof! It's insane how much he resembles them!

15. A link to an SPN fanfic that purports to contain both schmoop AND angst
Ghosts and Clouds and Nameless Things by esorlehcar.

16. The means to determine Jared Padalecki’s actual eye color

17. An excerpt from John Winchester’s last will and testament

18. The most over-the-top Supernatural or J2 LJ layout

The incredible and awesome and almost too fabulous for words jelloh0530.

19. A picture of Dean’s right nipple

Dean's right nipple... okay, so it's the shape shifter's, but shifting in Dean's body, so it's totally Dean's nipple.

20. A picture of Sam’s underpants (… what?)

Sam's undies off (complete with Dean's hands! and itching powder!)

Sam's undies on (complete with gun, mmm)

21. Fandom Standardized Testing~ Math Section: Dean and Sam are in the Impala and have just defeated a succubus in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. They drive through Hell, Michigan and exorcise a demon, then they get rid of a poltergeist in a gay bar near Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky. They check out a Wendigo in Gnaw Bone, Indiana, then stay in Paradox, Colorado for a few days to try and figure out how they accidentally became their own grandfathers. By the time they have breakfast in Two Egg, Florida, how many miles have they traveled? (answers in km also acceptable)

Excerpts from the Diary of Sam Winchester


Dear Diary,

Today I was sulky and my brother got laid. Defeated succubus in Intercourse, PA using method recommended by JW on 9/7/95, recommend more rapid method next time as DW now v. tired. Driving 564.31 miles to Hell, MI. Mapquest said 8hr 50 but more like 6 the way DW drives.

Not evil yet.


Dear Diary,

Case a disaster. Was choked by garden hose & DW thrown into wall. Standard exorcism, host Alex Evans, 17, did not survive. Crappy day. Hair keeps falling in front of eyes. Getting the hell out of Hell to Kentucky, 294.47 miles.

Still not evil.


Dear Diary,

Straightforward poltergeist in but DW would not shut up about Big Bone Lick State Park. Not funny, Dean. Have to find a case ASAP. There are reports of a wendigo in Gnaw Bone, Indiana. Only 124.83 miles...

Still not evil.


Dear Diary,

Long drive today. DW insisted on driving through Eerie, IN after wendigo case. Heard reports of "weird shit" in Paradox, CO. Flocks of ravens, mysterious disappearances at old folks' homes. Going to check it out. 1000 miles down, 437.84 to go.

Still not evil. Bored now.


Dear Diary,

Not quite sure what happened in Paradox but it seems to have worked out because all the grandfathers are back in the homes. Heading to Two Egg, Florida on a tipoff from BS. 1828.67 miles so we should be there for breakfast.

Still not evil.

Total Drive Distance: 4250.12 miles
Total Drive Time: 57 hrs 44 minutes

22. Fandom Standardized Testing ~ Science Section: The arrangement of moles on Sam’s back bear a resemblance to what celestial constellation?

Constellation chart for comparison

23. Fandom Standardized Testing ~ Literature Section: A link to the worst, yet funniest Dean Forrester Gilmore Girls fic

Our team of experienced judges braved a lot to find "Dean's Haircut," by piratelf, for you; we hope you enjoy a vintage Dean Forester fic, and recommend that you pay particular attention to the author's unorthodox use of the interrobang, capslock, and of course - her magnificently crafted final sentence:

For the first time since his wedding, he didn't feel the need to kill anything.

24. A drabble that ends with “...and they lived happily ever after.”

The truth was that even though Dean was tired, sick of fighting, he didn't want to die. If it had been just him, it wouldn't have mattered much, but the thought of leaving Sam alone was terrifying.

Somehow, Sam dug up a hoodoo priestess in Tucson, convinced her to break the curse under a cloud of smoke that hid them from the Crossroads demon.

And, strangely enough, they managed to live happily ever after.

In fact, like many great writers, none of which are me, the ending to this drabble should go like this:

And they lived happily ever after.

25. A rap of why your team should win!

Team Awesome, Dude!

Now, this is a story all about how
Team Awesome should win the hunt - hands down!
Now we'd like to take a minute, just stay where you are
And we'll show you how we are the best team by far.

In fandom for fun, LJ's where we play
on IM is where we spend most of our days,
just chilling and squealing and perving on Dean,
maybe checking out Sam (shirtless! onscreen!)
When along came the not-con, we worked until dawn,
More awesome than all the other ones!
We chatted all night, and then we got tired,
But said "We quit now we might as well have been fired!"

We joined new chat providers so we could all play,
We worked until midnight (or was it midday?)
Three different timezones, a crapload of talking,
And significant legwork and online stalking.

We searched and scribbled, hour after hour,
We knew creativity was our greatest power,
And we looked at our work, it was finally done:
Our treasures and effort, our passion: Team Awesome!

Team Awesome is comprised of amchara, catling42, delicatelight, labellementeuse, and thegirlisfrail. Team Awesome is pretty awesome, but there are lots of people funnier and more artistic than we are, including screencap-paradise.com, onoxiensis, Joss Whedon, the LOTR diaries, Will Smith, the Magic Mill, the talents at allposters.com, and of course, Grover & Grover fen everywhere. ♥
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